Parish Adminstration

Proistamenos : The Rev Father Andrew D. Cadieux
Chantor : Andrew Pappas
Choir Director : Marcelle Wheeler
Organist : Spyro Kalas

Saint John's Parish Council

Executive Board
President : Leo Hadzigeorgiou

Vice-President : John Kouimanis

Treasurer : Louis Ectoras

Assistant Treasurer : Elaine Katsikas

Secretary : Mike Boufis

Board Members
Andrew Kalos, Peter Kalos, Danny Mina, Helen Kohilakis, Nick Mokkas, Christine Pappas, Alex Wilson, Linda Rossis, Manny Felouzis, George Dimou

Greek School 2016-2017

Our Faith

The Orthodox Church throughout the ages has maintained a continuity of faith and love with the apostolic community which was founded by Christ and sustained by the Holy Spirit. Learn more»